The Best Way to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Tips for marketing your business on Instagram

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Don’t Underestimate Instagram’s Value

Now with over 400 million users, Instagram has become not only one of the most popular ways to share personal photos and videos but a great tool for businesses looking to promote their products and services. In fact, according to a report by eMarketer, nearly half of companies in the United States will use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy this year. So what are the best ways to promote your business using this popular app? Below, we’ve shared a list of tips from Jennifer Lonoff Schiff for Happy ‘gramming!

  1. Use quality images: Schiff writes that the quality of the images can help determine how successful your account is going to be so avoid out-of-focus or poorly constructed photos and overly corporate images. Schiff also writes that it’s important to take a moment to edit your photos before posting them. Just be sure to use a style that works best for your products or services.
  2. Brand your content: Schiff says that branding your content by using a watermark logo, a specific font, or having an overall style is important and helps people recognize that you are the original source of the content.
  3. Make the link in your profile trackable: Schiff says that tracking clicks from Instagram can be difficult so experts recommend using URLs with UTM codes and/or setting up a trackable link with a shortening tool such as An even better idea? Create a custom landing page just for Instagram users and link to this page from your profile. Optimize that page and use it to convert visitors to customers.

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