Best Home Improvement Projects Under $500, $5K and $10K

Best DIY home improvement projects

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Homeowners always have to contend with the prospect of investing more money into their home. The sweat and elbow grease you put into a DIY project might pay off big dividends in the end. If you’re looking to making some upgrades around the house this spring but are saddled with a small(ish) budget, we’ve got your back. Below, we’ve shared a list of the top home improvement projects under $500, $5,000, and $10,000, courtesy of celebrity home improvement expert Ty Pennington for Good luck!

DIY Projects Under $500


  • paint interior walls
  • new cabinet knobs in the kitchen or bathroom
  • hang new pendant lights
  • upgrade outlets and light switches
  • pressure wash the driveway or walkway
  • do a minor upgrade to your front door like install new house numbers, a new mailbox, or paint the front door
  • install new exterior lights for safety and security
  • service your appliances like washer and dryer, air conditioner or heating system
  • change the filters in your home such as the furnace, humidifier or refrigerator
  • buy and install new smoke alarms, especially if yours are 10-years old or older. Check the expiration date on your fire extinguishers while you’re at it.
  • stop drafts around doors and windows

DIY Projects Under $5,000

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  • upgrade appliances to energy efficient models. Focus on toilets, showerheads and faucets
  • replace the front entry door
  • replace the garage door
  • create more organized spaces like your closets, garage, pantry, attic or basement with a professional shelving system
  • address minor repairs around the home. Fix broken stairs, take care of a drainage issues near the foundation, or hire a professional to make minor plumbing or electrical repairs or upgrades.
  • invest in smart home tech upgrades like thermostats or water sensors
  • install a security system
  • install, fix or replace the backyard fence
  • paint the exterior or the house
  • solve basement dampness with moisture blocking paint, installing a sump pump, or addressing minor foundation issues
  • install a sprinkler system

DIY Projects Under $10,000


  • replace major appliances like the water heater, furnace or major kitchen appliances
  • add kitchen upgrades such as installing new countertops, new cabinet fronts, new flooring, or adding a kitchen island
  • add master bathroom upgrades like a new vanity, sink, lighting, and other fixtures
  • address concerns inside and outside the home. Hire a professional to fix mold issues, repair the roof or gutter system, repairing siding, and fix structural issues
  • add curb appeal by investing in landscaping projects. Add new walkway pavers, a new railing on a staircase, plant new shrubs or tress, add mulch, or consider adding new exterior lighting.
  • replace old windows with double-paned windows
  • remove interior walls to open up a space
  • revive your outdoor entertaining space with a new grill or outdoor kitchen features, new furniture, or revive your deck with a professional sanding and staining job
  • replace old carpeting with new

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