Here’s How to Camp at a Music Festival


Camping Gear for Music FestivalsPlanning on camping out at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Pitchfork or one of the dozen other major music festivals in the U.S. this year? There are probably a few things you should know before pitching your tent amongst the thousands of other fun-loving concertgoers. Below, we’ve share a list of tips for camping at a festival, courtesy of Emma Sturgis for Music Think Tank. Have fun!

Arrive Prepared: Sturgis recommends setting up the tent a time or two beforehand so there are no surprises when you arrive at the festival. It is also a great way to figure out how much space you have and how much gear to bring along. She also recommends arriving during the daylight hours to set up camp.

Location, Location, Location: If the festival offers site reservations, Sturgis recommends reviewing maps of the campgrounds to make sure your site is near restrooms and water sources. If spots are first come-first serve, Sturgis says you should arrive early to get a good location to camp (i.e. level, dry, and away from walkways).

Protect Your Belongings: Sturgis says you should never trust your things will be safe at the campground or in a tent. Consider using a locked bag or lightweight safe that can be stored in the trunk of a car, she says. Also, it’s probably a good idea to leave behind valuable jewelry and electronics.

Mark Your Territory: Sturgis says that finding a tent site in the dark can be difficult (especially if you’ve had a few brews), so be sure to travel with a flashlight to find your back to camp and look for landmarks or consider using a bright colored flag to mark the site.

Drink Responsibility: Chances are the drinks will be flowing at the festival, but Sturgis says it’s important to drink responsibly to stay out of trouble and avoid dangerous situations.

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