4 Home Renovation Projects You Should Avoid

Home renovation projects that decrease the value of your home

We’ve been writing a lot about ways to improve the value of your home in recent weeks, but today we’re taking a look at home renovation projects from a completely different angle. Below, we’ve shared a list of renovations that can actually hurt your home’s value, courtesy of Dan Rafter for WiseBread.com. Be smart people!


Rafter says that while an in-ground pool might seem like a great addition, many buyers won’t buy a home with a swimming pool because of the upkeep and potential dangers that come along with it. Rafter says that if you have to have a pool, go with an above-ground model that can be removed at selling time.


A Permanent Home Office

Rafter says that while a home office is convenient if you work from home, an extra bedroom is actually more appealing to buyers. A home office with permanent shelving units and built-in cabinets can actually turn off buyers looking for an extra bedroom for their kids, says Rafter.


Turning That Garage Into a Bedroom

Rafter says many buyers demand a garage when purchasing a home, so resist the urge to turn a garage into a bedroom to make way for your growing family.


Too Much Landscaping

Sure, a big garden with lots of flowers might be a “relaxing oasis”, says Rafter, but an overly landscaped backyard requires a lot of upkeep and many buys don’t want to “spend their weekends in the dirt.”


Too Much Color

Rafter says most buyers would prefer homes to be a neutral white so he recommends shying away from bright colors that can be a turnoff.

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