Popular Arizona Trail Now Wheelchair-Friendly

Popular Arizona trail to become wheelchair-friendly

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The state of Arizona is packed with great trails and hiking paths, but unfortunately many of them are not suitable for individuals who use wheelchairs or need the assistance of other mobility equipment to get around. According to an article in The Arizona Daily Star, however, one of these trails is getting wheelchair-friendly upgrades.

The Mica View Trail, a 0.7-mile trail which links a trailhead near the eastern end of Broadway with the Mica View Picnic, is set to undergo renovations that will close the trail from the end of February through May. Once the trail, known for its rich mix of desert vegetation, reopens, it will meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act for recreation trails.

According to a park spokesman, it will be known as a “challenge trail” that will be “adventurous, but still suitable for mobility impairment.”  To complete the upgrades, workers will use a stabilizer product to create a hardened surface that is perfect for wheelchairs and other mobility equipment without paving the trail. The spokesperson added that the trail will blend nicely and will not look like “a sidewalk through the desert.”

Previously, the trail had been open to equestrian use, but that will not be the case once the upgrades are complete. Alternate routes will be made available to equestrians.

The total cost of the project was unknown but was partially funded through grants.

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