How to Enjoy Camping Outdoors This Winter

Tips for camping outdoors this winter

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A lot of us would agree that camping with family and friends is a great way to spend a weekend away during the summer. I’m not sure we all feel the same way about setting up camp in the winter, however. For those of you who don’t mind chilly nights and maybe a little (or a lot) of snow, we’ve shared a list of tips for camping outdoors in the winter, courtesy of Ski Club Great Britain below. Have fun!

Make sure your tent is strong.

Snow can be heavy and winter weather can be windy, so Ski Club recommends a strong tent with lots of ropes.


Find a sheltered spot.

Ski Club recommends finding a sheltered spot and then heading downwind to set up camp and avoid drifts. Camping near mature trees is a fairy safe bet, they say.


Snow gives you a good building material.

Ski Club recommends flattening your site and building walls for shelter. Additionally, a good sleeping mat will ensure you don’t wake up in a puddle of meltwater.


Stay dry.

Ski Club recommends brushing the snow off of you before you get in the tent. Also, bring multiple pairs of gloves, hats, and clothes so that you’ll always have something dry to put on. Finally, a good pair of waterproof socks should be worn over wool ones to keep them dry.

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Eat for warmth.

According to the article, eating enough while camping in cold conditions is important. If you’re exercising while camping outdoors, you’re burning calories and working up an appetite, so it’s important to refuel your body to keep it warm.

Mountain Main Starting Camp Fire

Light a fire.

Keep an eye out for dried grass, leaves, and twigs to start a fire. If vegetation is damp, roll it up and store it close to the body to speed up the drying out process. A small portable saw or knife are also helpful for chopping wood and accessing the dry stuff in the middle.

For the rest of Ski Club Great Britain’s tips for camping out in the winter, click here to read the article in its entirety.

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