Protecting Your Data Center from Overheating and Power Outages

Protect Big DataThe wide net of data collection requires a surplus of energy that, if not monitored closely, can lead to total mainframe failure that could put business budgets in the red ink. Sounds like a catastrophe of Y2K proportions, right? If your data center shuts down indefinitely, it might not mean the end of the humanity but it could be a costly fix when there are preventative measures to ensure all systems are a-go.

The average cost per minute of unplanned downtime is $7,900, which is an increase from $5,600 in 2010. You read that right, your company loses nearly $8K per minute when the mainframe shuts down.

Power outages in data center’s stem from a variety of causes including UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery failure, UPS capacity exceeded, human error and heat-related/computer-room air-conditioner failure.

Ankrom Moison Architects recently reached out to Rent It Today to find a mobile AC unit rental for their data center in case of an emergency scenario where HVAC systems are being repaired. The inquiry of this customer indicates the need for system assurance for businesses with in-house data centers of any size. Data center efficiency will continue to face challenges as capacity increases across IT applications–the more data the larger the infrastructure.

Increased heat levels are putting technicians to the test with formulating cooling schemes that will remove hot server exhaust from the mainframe area. Here are some common causes of overheating:

Leading Causes of Data Center Failure

Increased Data Capacity – When demand for IT applications grows, more servers and storage are added to the data center. This means the IT infrastructure needs to grow with it. When IT demand surpasses supply, downtime occurs.

Rack Density Increase – With the advent of high-performance IT equipment, server rack’s contain over 10 kWh of IT. Cooling methods have improved but the risk of water closer to the server becomes problematic and can cause water incursion.

Data Center Efficiency – Data centers consume a lot of electricity and many managers are evaluating high-efficiency power and cooling technologies such as transformerless UPS or air economizers that provide cost reductions but may not provide the highest reliability or ideal operating environment.

Data Center Clean UpAs technological improvements continue to grow in the IT/Data industry, the overall design of data center rooms haven’t changed much. Buildings are designed and a small room is left open for data server racks. The rooms are not constructed to match the data capacity needs, so when companies try to cram their overpowered systems into an undersized room, efficiency suffers. One logical solution to datacenter outages is to install the precise hardware and racks for the room they’re going in. Inadequate room dimensions can make server rack placement hectic.

Rent a Portable Air Units and Power Generators for Data Center

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