5 Tips For Smart & Safe Snowmobiling

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Whether you enjoy hitting the slopes, making snow angels, or zipping through the woods on the back of a snowmobile, winter is a great time to be outdoors. If you are planning on playing in the snow, however, it’s important to keep safety first, especially if you plan on snowmobiling. To help keep you safe, we’ve shared a list of tips, courtesy of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Have fun!

Tips for Riding a Snowmobile

Never drink and ride

According to the DNR, even a small amount of alcohol can have an impact on reaction time and perception, which can affect a rider’s ability to respond to unexpected obstacles. Also, alcohol lowers a person’s core body temperature which increases their risk of hypothermia.

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Slow down

The DNR says that most snowmobile casualties are associated with riders traveling at higher speeds. The DNR says it’s important to maintain a speed that allows the rider to react quickly to unexpected obstacles, particularly at night.

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Ride with a friend

The DNR says that those who ride alone are at an increased risk of being injured in a remote area and unable to get to help.

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Choose Clothing Carefully

The DNR advises all riders to wear a helmet and face gear to avoid injuries caused by flying rocks, sticks, and ice. Riders should wear waterproof layers and to make sure there are no loose ends that could catch in moving parts of the machine or get snagged on other objects while riding.

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