Stay Safe on the Ski Slopes with These Tips

Tips for staying safe on the ski slopes

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Winter is finally here which means many outdoor enthusiasts will be heading for the slopes to play in the snow. Whether you are into skiing, snowboarding, snow biking or some other winter sport, it’s always important to put safety first. To help you stay safe wherever it is you shred, we’ve share a list of tips from professional snowboarder Robin Van Gyn. These tips originally appeared at Have fun out there!

  1. Research before going: Van Gyn says that anyone planning on hitting the slopes should be aware of all factors before heading out, including the weather, snowpack, and current conditions. You should also have a route planned out when going into the backcountry, she says.
  2. Pack the proper equipment: Van Gyn recommends those venturing into the backcountry should carry a backpack with a beacon, shovel, and probe. Also, be sure to have enough food, water, and warm clothing, she says.
  3. Don’t ski alone: Van Gyn says you always want to be with other people. If you’re alone in the backcountry, no one can save you and you have no other resources, she says.
  4. Watch out for tree wells: Van Gyn says that tree wells, where caverns form around the trunk of a tree in deep snow, can be dangerous. People have been known to get stuck in tree wells and suffocate, says Van Gyn. Again, make sure you travel with a buddy.
  5. Don’t try to outrun an avalanche: In the event of an avalanche, Van Gyn says the first thing to do is yell “avalanche” to let other people know what is going on and that you may be caught in it. You can’t outrun an avalanche, says Van Gyn, so it’s best to look for a safe spot or high point and get there by moving at a 45-degree angle downslope.

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