3 Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Winter

Tips for winter motorcycle riding

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Winters might not be the ideal time to be on the back of a motorcycle, but that doesn’t mean riders have to keep their bike garaged for the entire season. To help riders stay safe (and warm) all winter long, we’ve shared a list of tips from Ron Lieback for Ultimate Motorcycling. Stay safe out there!

Stay Warm While Riding a Motorcycle

Wear Correct Motorcycle Gear in a Layering Fashion

In order to ride comfortably in cold weather, you need to layer the right gear, says Lieback. Start with a full leg, full sleeve base layer which allow the skin to breathe and wick away moisture. Then, add a zip-up fleece with a neck collar over the base layer. Next, is the other gear. Gore-Tex is a great option because it is both waterproof and breathable. Libeack also recommends Gore-Tex boots and either Klim Element or Held Freezer gloves. To keep your neck warm, go with the Aersostitch Windstopper. Finally, Lieback recommends the Shoei Neotec to cover your head.

Motorcycle Riding Tips in Winter

Proper Motorcycle Prep for Riding

For winter riding, Lieback recommends a huge windscreen and handguards. Heated grips are nice as well, he says. If the bike is water-cooled, Lieback recommends the antifreeze is fresh and mixed properly. Another great addition, says Lieback, are adventure style riding pegs which provide optimal grip.

Winter Tires For Motorcycle

Cold Weather Equals Colder Tires

Cold tires mean limited traction. To heat your tires, accelerate and decelerate quickly for a bit, says Lieback. Hard on brakes to hard on the throttle puts hear in tires more quickly than “riding like a redneck.” Lieback also says to make sure you have adequate tread on your tires for the winter and to check your tire pressure regularly.

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