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An AED Defibrillator Saves Lives in Cardiac Emergencies

Make Sure Your AED Defibrillator Is Ready When You Need It

It’s the holiday season. There is an undeniable buzz everywhere you go and the holiday spirit is contagious. The malls are crowded, the local businesses are busy and the grocery stores have a constant flow of customers.

Something that most people aren’t thinking about is a heart attack. A heart attack is a serious event no matter what time of year it is, but with so many people congregating in one location, the likelihood of a mall or business needing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) around the holiday season is much higher than any other time of year. Many grocery stores and malls are already equipped with AEDs in case there is a cardiac emergency, but store and shop owners might want to think about having their AEDs serviced to be sure they’re in excellent working condition.

Defibrillators and AEDs are life-saving devices that provide electrical stimulation to the heart to treat cardiac arrest victims. These devices are a lifeline when and where you need it most. A defibrillator can be used virtually anywhere when a patient loses a pulse and an AED is helpful to people who aren’t medical professionals to save a cardiac arrest victim in a matter of precious seconds.

Both devices have the potential to save lives, but they need to be in excellent working condition to do so. Having a properly working defibrillator or AED is like having insurance – because you never know when you might use it – which is why having your defibrillator of AED serviced regularly is so important.

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At Heartland Medical Sales & Services, their factory trained biomedical technicians will service and repair your AED so that your defibrillator is ready should the unexpected arise. Heartland’s team of highly trained certified technicians will ensure your business, mall or shop is equipped with a defibrillator or AED that is in the best possible working condition and that you have the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared in case of an emergency. Heartland Medical is a trusted name to hospitals, surgery centers and clinics as well.

If you are in need of a new or refurbished defibrillator AED, please contact Heartland Medical and they will help you find one that is perfect for your needs and your budget.

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