Tips for Protecting Your House From Old Man Winter

Tips for winterizing your home

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Here in the Midwest, frigid cold weather has already started creeping in. The holidays have come and gone but there are certainly some things you should take care of before temperatures dip too low. Below, we’ve shared a list of cold weather tips, courtesy of Gwen Moran for House Logic.

Protect Yourself

  • Have shovels on hand, as well as melting agents, such as rock salt.
  • Have enough fuel to maintain heat in your home, as well as a backup heating source such as a working fireplace, or a generator to power heaters in case of a power failure.
  • Stock up on blankets, warm clothing, and enough food and water to sustain your family in case of a few days of isolation.

Tips for Winterizing Home

Protect Your Home

  • Winterize your home: Check shutters, siding, and other exterior materials to ensure they’re secure. Also, be sure gutters are clear of debris and walkways are even. Be sure to caulk drafty windows and apply weather stripping to doors. Air sealing can save you about $350 in energy costs, says Moran.
  • Winterize pipes: Be sure pipes, especially those exposed or in unheated areas, are wrapped in insulation to prevent freezing and bursting. Six feet of insulation can cost anywhere between $7-17, says Moran.
  • Trim tree branches: Branches that overhang roofs or where you park your car, represent a risk to structures, vehicles, and people. Keep them trimmed and remove those that are weak to prevent them from falling. Tree trimming can be dangerous, so be sure to call a reputable pro if you’re not experienced.

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