How to Be a Trade Show Rock Star

How to be a trade show rock star

At every trade show, you’ll see plenty of exhibitors that are just going through the motions (or worse, playing on their phones), but you’ll also pass by booths that are absolutely buzzing. So how can you make sure you’re the star of the show and not the opening act? Below, we’ve shared a few tips from Jamil Bouchareb, CEO of Restaurantware, for The Huffington Post to help you wow at your next event. Good luck!

  1. Pick your shows wisely: Bouchareb recommends doing research on different trade shows in and around your area and pick the ones that relate mostly to your company.
  2. Have a goal in mind: It is important to know what your intentions are when attending a show. Giving your all towards one goal – attracting new clients, luring new distributors, establishing a brand, etc. – will help ensure you accomplish it as well as possible.
  3. Promote when possible: You need to get the word out about your trade show presentation to attract more attendees. Use social media, e-mail and your website to promote your events.
  4. Draw attendees’ attention: Design your trade show booth so it stands out among others by using bold colors and easy-to-read lettering. Also, try positioning it in high-traffic areas to maximize the number of people who see and visit your booth.
  5. Stand at your booths: Bouchareb says it’s best to stand, not sit, at your booth and interact with people that pass by. This shows attendees you are personable and eager to help them.

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