How to Go Camping in the Winter

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When you think about winter, the last thing that probably comes to mind is sleeping in a tent outdoors in freezing temperatures. However, camping in the winter can be a lot of fun. Below, we’ve shared some some tips for camping in the winter, courtesy of Nikki Fotheringham for the Huffington Post Canada. Have fun and stay warm out there!

This is the winter of our discount tent:Fotheringham notes that as the winter cools, many of your favorite camping brands are on sale, so stock up on the gear you’ve had your eye on all summer. Fotheringham recommends investing in a second stove and buying wooden or plastic utensils, as well as plastic fuel and water bottles as metal gear can be uncomfortable in the winter. You should also pick up an insulated sleeve for your water bottle to prevent it from freezing.

Hunkering down and snuggling up: To keep warm through the night, Fotheringham recommends heating some water for your water bottle by the campfire and putting it in your sleeping bag. She also advises campers to bring the right sleeping pad, cuddling with a friend to keep warm by zipping your sleeping bags together, and pulling an empty backpack over your feet to keep them from freezing.

Mornings are the hardest: Fotheringham says you can “mitigate the morning freeze by cramming tomorrow’s outfit in your sleeping bag with you” and getting dressed under the covers.

Use your noggin: Fotheringham recommends leaving your water filter at home and taking extra camping fuel so you can melt snow. Also, swap out your alkaline batteries for lithium ones which perform better in colder temperatures. Plus, they’re lighter and last longer.

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