6 Ways to Ride Your Motorcycle Safely and Stay Alive


Rent a Motorcycle in Redondo BeachHere in Northern Kentucky, riding season is temporarily on hold due to winter weather. For those of you who are planning to squeeze a few more motorcycle roads trips in these seasons in more travel-friendly weather in sunny California, we thought it would be helpful to share a list of tips for avoiding a tip over on your next ride. Below, we’ve posted several tips, courtesy of Ken Condon for MotorcyclistOnline.com. Safe travels!

  1. Learn slow-speed riding techniques: With practice, Condon says, you can learn to maneuver your bike at slow speeds and reduce the risk of tipping over. The key, he says, is to maintain steady drive by keeping the throttle fixed while slipping the clutch and dragging the rear brake to control speed. Also, be sure to look over your shoulder as you lean the bike beneath you. For tighter turns, weight the outside footpeg.
  2. Maintain a stable speed: Condon says that gyroscopic and inertial forces keep your motorcycle stable. Therefore, adding just 1-2 mph will improve stability dramatically.
  3. Square the handlebars when stopping: Condon advises riders to straighten the motorcycle as you smoothly apply the brakes, making sure the bike is completely vertical with the handlebars “square” before finishing the stop.
  4. Keep your eyes up: Condon says that keeping your eyes and vision at eye level will help maintain balance and allow you to spot hazards early.
  5. Favor the rear brake: It’s easy to introduce too much front brake force too abruptly, which can cause the bike to stop suddenly before you can straighten it out. Therefore, Condon says, brake cautiously.
  6. Choose your footing: Condon recommends wearing footwear with oil-resistant, tread-like soles to minimize the likelihood of having a foot slide out from under you on slippery substances, such as sand, gravel, or vehicle drippings.

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