How to Protect Your Lawn From Harsh Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Lawn From Winter WeatherFall is in full swing here in the Midwest which means that winter is just around the corner. For those of you with a lawn, you know that now is the best time to take the necessary steps to protect your lawn from the harsh conditions ahead. To help make sure your lawn is ready to take on Old Man Winter, we’ve shared a few tips from Lisa Kaplan Gordon for below.

  1. Aeration: Gordon says that aeration gives your lawn a breather in the fall and makes way for new grass to spread without competition from spring weeds. Aerating, which should be done 1-2 times per year, allows water, oxygen and other nutrients to reach the root system.
  2. Seeding: Gordon says that fall, when the soil temperature is 55 degrees, is the best time to seed because turf “grows vigorously in fall and winter.” Instead of buying inexpensive seed, which often contains hollow husks, weed seed, and annual rye grass seed, get the good stuff, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, which resists drought, disease, and bugs.
  3. Fertilizing: Gordon says a late fall fertilization helps you grass survive winter and encourages spring growth. Choose a product high in phosphorous (or nitrogen), which promotes root growth, when fertilizing and make sure it is applied before the first frost.
  4. Mulching: Gordon recommends grinding the leaves in your yard with a mower and using them as mulch to protect grass from winter wind and desiccation. Shredded leaves also decompose into rich organic matter, which will feed grass roots.

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