How to Survive a Blizzard Power Outage

Power Generator Rentals Disaster can strike at any time. When earthquakes and tornadoes occur, we’re quickly humbled and reminded where we stand in the grand scheme of things and how fragile life is. Our well laid plans can slip through our fingers like sand, especially if we’re not prepared to the best of our ability.

Winter storms can rattle our convenient lifestyle. A big enough storm can put a stop to our freedom of jumping into a car and driving to the grocery store for food and household items. What if a storm so severe occurs and the delivery trucks can’t get to your neighborhood store for days? While your power is out and phone lines jammed from thousands of people calling emergency response units all at once–you’ll have nothing left but your survival instincts to rely upon. Power Plus can assist you in preparing for the next blizzard or winter ice storm with their power generator rental services. Below is a list of things you can do yourself to prepare for cold weather in an emergency scenario.

Essential Blizzard Blackout Survival Kit

Winter Weather Survival KitClothing – Keeping warm with your available wardrobe can be problematic if you lack the essential winter wear to sustain you through long periods of no power and heat. Moisture wicking thermal underwear is essential to trapping body heat. Wool caps and jackets also do well in cold temperatures. Insulated moisture wicking socks and boots are also a plus. You don’t want to be trekking through a foot or more of snow in a pair of sneakers.

Water – This goes without saying. If your pipes freeze or water supply from your city is halted for some reason, you’ll need to make water provisions for yourself. Experts suggest a 5-gallon container for each person in the family for snow storms. Water filters are also useful and can be used if you take snow from outside, boil it in a pot over a fire and you’re set for clean drinking water.

Outdoor Camping LanternLighting – Lanterns that use liquid fuel, kerosene, or propane are go-to items for this power outage scenario. Flashlights are great but will not help you when you doing a task in a dimly lit area that requires both hands. Candles are great for small rooms. We suggest you go with a few 100 hour candles that can be kept in each room.

Food – Remaining stock in your local grocery store will be liquidated in less than 24 hours depending on the size of the city you live in/near. The best you can do is take your weather report seriously and hit the grocery before the storm hits. Stock up on emergency food packs just in case. They’re not the most appetizing but it will sustain you until stores start receiving shipments again.

Power Generators– Having a power generator is one of the greatest luxuries in a heavy snow storm. Having power can be a life or death scenario. Power generators can keep you living normally while everyone else is out of luck.

Be Prepared for a Blizzard with an Emergency Generator Rental

Power Plus Emergency GeneratorsFor more than 30 years, Power Plus has been designing and installing temporary power systems. The rental fleet at Power Plus exceeds 400 generators ranging in size from 15 kilowatt to 4 Megawatt. Power Plus offers both Trailer Mounted Generators and Towable Generators providing you with multiple portable power solutions.

Fueling Service, Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, Electrical Cable and Distribution Systems and Equipment are also provided, as well as Certified Electricians to make the connections safely and reliably. No matter if you’re preparing for extreme weather or need a generator for the job site, Power Plus is your solution.

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