3 Ways to Tackle Your Next Home Improvement Project

Tips for getting started on home improvement projects

Let’s be honest. When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s easy to procrastinate. After a long work day (or week), many of us just don’t feel up to spending our free time crossing more things off our to-do lists, particularly major tasks such as laying a new floor, remodeling a bathroom, or landscaping our yard. That’s why we’ve shared a list of tips from home blogger Justina Blakeney for the South Florida Times to get your mind right and help you get started. Good luck!

  1. Timing is everything: Blakeney recommends prioritizing projects by needs, not wants. Important projects should be completed first, followed by less crucial ones. Make a wish list and start with the most timely matters. Blakeney says you should be realistic when setting goals and factor in 20 percent more money and time for all projects so you have some leeway if unexpected issues arise.
  2. DIY or hire an expert: For any project, Blakeney recommends assessing your own level of expertise, permit requirements and local regulations, your budget and timeline, and your goals before deciding to DIY or bring in the expert. If you decide to go with an expert, ask friends for referrals and then check out some reviews online before getting a bid for the project.
  3. Get organized: Blakeney says that doing your homework before getting started can help speed things up later on. Create a list of professionals you will be working with and stores you will be sourcing material from so that you have all of the information in one place for follow-ups. Plus, it’s easier to share with friends when they start asking for recommendations. Blakeney also advisers homeowners to get a “clear breakdown of all elements in each project” along with the expected cost and deadlines.

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