Five Tips for Moving This Fall

Tips for Moving In Fall

Having moved in each of the four seasons, I can say without a doubt that the fall is the best time of the year to relocate. Rates for rental trucks are much higher in the spring and summer (plus, you have to deal with the heat) and the weather in the winter can be brutal (black ice is the worst), making fall the ideal time to pack your belongings and head out for a fresh start somewhere else. Before you get moving, however, you need to be prepared.

Below, we’ve shared a handful of tips from Niccole Schreck for U.S. News & World Report. Good luck!

Choose transportation: Schreck says that because fewer people move in the colder seasons, you can likely negotiate a lower rate. Because most people move toward the end of the month, Schreck says to avoid this time if possible. If you don’t need a rental truck and plan on using your own vehicle, make sure to get it serviced. The last place you want to be while moving is stranded on the side of the road.

Pack wisely: Schreck recommends planning ahead by storing similar items in containers and labeling boxes. Also, she says, you should fill a box with essentials – an extra set of clothes, toilet paper, snacks, toothbrush, etc. – and keep it in the car with you so you have then on hand when you need them.

Think ahead: Schreck says to think ahead before moving and set up your utilities in advance.

Clear pathways: Schreck says that before anyone begins carrying boxes to the truck, sweep aside leaves and other debris from sidewalks and walkways.

Dress appropriately: Schreck says that it will likely be chilly in the fall, so set out an outfit that will be warm but comfortable while moving boxes all day. Schreck recommends donning layers which are light enough for hard work but will keep out the cold.

Find Storage Units To Store Your Goods

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