Drones on Construction Sites? It’s Possible.


Rent a Drone for ConstructionThe many uses of drones have been well-documented. From package delivery to land surveying to emergency relief efforts, the variety of ways in which drones can be utilized has been a popular discussion in recent years. Now, according to an article in the Washington Post, unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) could benefit another major U.S. industry: construction.

According to an article written by Matt McFarland, real-time awareness on construction sites has always been a challenge. Time and money, he writes, are often lost to correcting flawed work or waiting for preliminary work to be finished. Using drones, Autodesk believes they can save companies both.

Autodesk, a company that makes 3D design and engineering software, hopes to use drones on construction sites to provide site leaders with real-time information which will help projects get completed faster and at a lower cost. The company has invested in Skycatch, a drone start-up, which sees “a huge opportunity in data from construction sites.” McFarland writes that contractors using automated drones can analyze construction site progress much faster than humans can. The data collected by the drones would be run through Autodesk’s software which would make use of the information.

In the construction site of the future, McFarland writes that drones can fly overhead snapping photos while software in the cloud would analyze the data and send regular reports to leaders on site, “keeping them abreast of progress.”

Representatives believe that the company is just at the beginning of automation’s arrival at construction sites and say Skycatch has only built 1 percent of what’s possible.

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