A How-To Guide for Planning Your Holiday Office Party

How to Plan an Office Holiday PartyThe truth is, most holiday office parties are terrible. From potluck lunches to secret Santa drawings, the traditional holiday office party for most isn’t all that fun – it’s just a get-out-of-work card. This year, however, can be different. To help you plan the perfect holiday office party, we’ve shared some tips from Trisha Jefford of Careerealism.com below. Have fun (no, really)!

  1. Assign a Team: Jefford says that working with multiple event planners will “allow the event to be the result of multiple perspectives and will make everyone’s party workload more manageable.” Look for eager volunteers, she says, that have shown they are organized and enjoy work and play.
  2. Choose a Theme: Jefford says picking a theme for the holiday office party will simplify the planning process. Also, be sure to consider the diversity of employees in the workplace, she says. Not everyone celebrates Christmas.
  3. Make a Reasonable Budget: Jefford says a budget can help you decide on an appropriate menu and venue and whether or not to pay for alcohol. Jefford also notes that it’s important not to go over the top, especially when the employees are getting a bonus. It just sends the wrong message.
  4. Choose a Location: Partying at the office? Jefford says make sure you budget enough for food and decorations to compensate for the lack of a special venue. While ballrooms and bars are great, Jefford says the key is to “make the environment suggest that the event is a reward, not an obligation.”
  5. Skip the Potluck: Potlucks encourage sharing and participation, but if this is something you do for every event, skip it. Instead, consider a local caterer or bring in a local food truck.

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