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Mobility Stairlift Rentals in Cincinnati

Find the Right Stairlift for You or a Loved One in Southwest Ohio

When you need a stairlift you need it as soon as possible. No matter what kind of stairlift type you need, be it curved rail, outdoor or a simple strait rail–you’ll find the right one for you at Right Now Mobility.

Right Now Mobility understands that you don’t want just anyone installing your stairlift rental. Their employees are factory trained and certified technicians that install the stairlift of your choosing to exact manufacturer specifications. Stairlift brands offered by Right Now Mobility include Acorn Stairlifts, Harmar, MediTek, Brooks Stairlifts. Three of the main tenets of customer service at Right Now Mobility are:

  • Quick Installations
  • Quality Service
  • No Obligation Assessments

Types of Stairlifts Offered at Right Now Mobility

Rent a Straight Stairlift in CincinnatiStraight Rail Stairlift

The most common type of stair lift, they’re typically used in homes that have straight stairs. The straight rail track is installed to the staircase and can be installed quickly, making it the most affordable stair lift type on the market.

Brooks Lincoln 130, Acorn Superglide 130, Harmar Vantage, and Harmar Pinnacle are among the models offered at Right Now Mobility. Each straight rail lift has unique specifications but some common features include a soft start and stop system–eliminating unnecessary jolts. Joystick control. Other features include: Wireless remote control system, and electromechanical braking with overspeed governor.

Outdoor Stairlift Systems For Rent in CincinnatiOutdoor Stairlift

These stairlifts are very similar to indoor lifts in style, however, they’re constructed with weatherproof materials to withstand the elements. Outdoor stair lifts are equipped with seats, perches, and footplates. They’re commonly installed for people who need assistance navigating outdoor steps for a patio or porch.

The Acorn Outdoor 130 and Harmar SL350OD models are the outdoor models offered. Seat cushions are padded and made with marine grade vinyl. The lift track is aluminum. Structural damage is very minimal since the lift is implanted into the staircase directly and not the wall surrounding it.

Curved Rail Stairlifts for Purchase in CincinnatiCurved Rail Stairlift

These are made to match the shape of a curved staircase. Curved rail stairlifts are ideal for homes where staircases have intermediate flat landings. Instead of multiple straight rails, a single curved track is installed into the staircase. They’re the most costly of the three types due to the meticulous care in measuring, design and manufacturing of the rail. The installation process is typically longer, as well.

The Harmar Helix is extremely quiet and provides a smooth ride. The true-curve rail with advanced bending technology creates smoother turns for the user.

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Find Stair Lift Rentals in Cincinnati, Ohio

Right Now Mobility is the leading expert in Cincinnati for installing straight stairlift chair rentals. With over 30 years of experience we ensure your indoor straight rail stairlift and outdoor straight rail stairlift allows you to live comfortably and independently. For medical equipment rentals nationwide, visit Rent It Today’s medical equipment rental database.

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