4 Ways to Draw Prospects to Your Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booth Tips

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Every year, hundreds of trade shows take place across the county drawing thousands of companies and millions of attendees making it easy for you or your business to get lost in the crowd. So how can you make sure your booth grabs people’s attention? Make you trade show display pop.

Below, we’ve shared a list of tips for creating a trade show display that will get noticed, courtesy of Sarah Landrum for Business.com. Good luck and happy selling!

Cut the Clutter: Landrum says that while it is tempting to make the most of your booth by cramming something into square inch, a “cluttered display can take the focus away from the products you want to showcase.” Tip: Stand back and survey your display from left to right and top and bottom and make sure the eye hits on the key points of display.

Create a Game and Offer Prizes: Everyone loves prizes. With that being said, Landrum recommends creating game for your display where attendees can stop by and win prizes.

Make Your Staff Stand Out From the Crowd: Landrum says that the greatest display in the world won’t help your business if your staff doesn’t know how to interact with attendees, Make sure they are fully trained, she says, and skilled at talking to people and “drawing them into conversation.”

Use Attractive Displays: Landrum says custom backlit displays will create enough contrast with 2-D signage to pull visitors in. The use of LED lights to backlight the display in different hues and colors will create a gorgeous display that attendees will appreciate.

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