4 Tips For Cycling in Autumn

Tips for fall cycling

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Fall is the best time of the year to do a lot things – camping, hiking, planting a tree – but cycling might just be at the top of the list. Riders often enjoy cooler temperatures in the fall, not to mention beautiful scenery. Before you set out on two wheels for your next adventure, however, take some time to read the tips for fall cycling below, courtesy of Susi Wunsch for BikeNYC.org. Happy trails!

  1. Get a grip: If you’re planning on wearing new shoes this fall, make sure they can grip the pedal. Smooth-soled shoes such as pumps, loafers, and brogues may cause your feet to slip, especially on metal pedals. Before you ride, Wunsch recommends roughing them up with sandpaper or a metal file or taking them to a shoe repair shop and having rubber grips applied.
  2. Stay dry: Wunsch notes that rain gear is a must for warmth and protection when rain pops up out of nowhere. Rain capes provide good ventilation and cover your head and clothing while keeping your feet dry. Wunsch says you can shield your clothing from sloppy conditions by adding front or rear fenders, either permanent or the clip-on variety.
  3. Make dressing a snap: Wunsch says that the simplest and often prettiest solution for women to commute with ease is a dress. Wunsch recommends dresses that are cut for and constructed of fabrics that move with you paired with tights, boots, and a jacket.
  4. Think wool: Wunsch says wool is the perfect transitional fabric because it keeps you warm while drawing perspiration away from your body. It also resists odor. Wunsch recommends Merino wool base layers which are lightweight and can be worn under almost anything.

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