Don’t Wait ‘Til Next Year to Do These 4 DIY Projects

DIY projects to do before next year

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Well, the clocks have been turned back here in Northern Kentucky which means we’ve lost an hour of daylight every day for the next few months. While the early sunsets make it difficult to get anything done outside through the week after a long workday, there are a few DIY projects you may not want to put off until next year.

Below, we’ve shared a list of four DIY projects to tackle before winter rolls in, courtesy of the Greenwood Democrat. Enjoy!

  1. Close the cracks. The Greenwood Democrat says this is the perfect time of the year to “seal cracks in your driveway before temperature fluctuations make the damage worse.” Begin by cleaning the area and applying a proper sealer, such as concrete patches or paints, caulk, grout or vinyl patches for small cracks and concrete and grout for larger ones. Make sure the sealing solution used to fill the crack is dry before smoothing over.
  2. Do that deck. According to the article, ProWood Professional Grade treated lumber is perfect for your DIY deck project because it’s so easy to work with, durable, and affordable.
  3. Fortify the fence. Add some security to your backyard and create a pet- and kid-friendly space by installing ProWood fencing which is available in “several styles of convenience, prebuilt panels as well as individual fence pickets.” You can also use ProWood Dura Color for a more attractive fence in a natural cedar- or redwood-tone.
  4. Fire up the fun. Add a simple (or extravagant) fire pit to your backyard to create a place to entertain or relax. Consider how much you have to spend, how often you’ll use it, and the look you’re going for when choosing which type of fire pit to build.

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