Two-Way Radio With GPS Helps Boost Response Times

Two-way Radio Rentals for SecurityLet’s say you’re the head of a mall security team on Black Friday. At some point during your shift, you get a call from a store employee about a theft or a fight that has broken out in the store. Rather than sending out a blanket message, wouldn’t it be nice to connect with the security officer closest to the incident and send them to the scene? Thanks to a new product from pdvWireless, you can.

DispatchPlus is a new product that takes two-way radios and adds GPS tracking. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, it also prioritizes dispatcher calls by urgency and allows employees to clock in and out on the radio. It can also communicate with cell phones and e-mail addresses.

Two-way radio with GPS tracking

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With 55% of Americans shopping on Black Friday, there’s a much needed demand for crowd control. Hordes of consumers line up outside of popular brick and mortar stores nationwide each year seeking good deals and the proclivity for violence has only increased. Fist fights, property damage, and stampedes are among the various chaotic events shoppers and retail employees encounter.

In 2014, Huffington Post reported on studies that prove happiness doesn’t come from buying new things. Regardless of the psychological studies by high level academic institutions, there seems to be a general malaise throughout the country when it comes to consumer spending during holiday season. A time of peace and joy is resoundingly overpowered by rapid Americans clawing to get their hands on man-made items. Will your business be prepared this Black Friday?

As for the makers of DispatchPlus, the response from companies so far has been good. GPS tracking holds employees accountable, according to one of the companies, and others enjoy the text option which eliminates the need to broadcast instructions across the airwaves.


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