How to Network at a Trade Show in 3 Simple Steps

Trade show networking tips

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Networking is one of the biggest buzzwords in the business world these days (right up there with “startup”) and is a great tool for not only growing your personal brand, but also your business. Many of the companies we work with here at Rent It Today often attend trade shows specific to their industries to share information about their products, learn more about what their competitors are doing, and stay in-the-know of current trends. Another reason they attend? To network with potential partners and customers.

For those of you who are new to networking, we’ve shared some tips below for you to take with you to your next trade show, courtesy of Michelle Brammer for Go get’em!


Set Your Objectives

Trade shows can be overwhelming, so Brammer recommends putting together a list of clear-cut objectives, such as researching competitors, generating leads, learning from a panel, or just discovering who’s on the floor. The key is to set your objectives before you arrive “to avoid wasting valuable trade show hours.”

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Attend the Event Solo

Brammer says that by attending the event alone you are more likely to garner more attention and conversations. Attending a trade show alone makes you more approachable. This way, Brammer says, you’ll have more conversations with potential clients or customers, and less with co-workers or friends.

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Say Hello to Everyone

You’re always going to run into someone you know at a trade show, says Brammer, so be sure to catch up with them. But you should also make new contacts, too. Trade shows are a great opportunity to expand your professional network quickly.

For the rest of Brammer’s tips, click here to read her article in its entirety.

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