How to Determine When to Consider Replacing Hospital Medical Equipment

Replacing versus repairing medical equipment

We’ve all been there. Something you own has been operating sub par and you can’t decide whether to call the repairman or the purchasing department.

In the healthcare world, hospitals, surgical centers, and clinics face this difficult decision regarding their medical equipment. To help administrators decide whether to repair or replace their equipment, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society offers the following guidelines:

Carrying cost

If you’re spending four figures or more to maintain the piece of equipment, you might be better off replacing it. At some point, maintaining it gets too expensive.


Manufacturers may discontinue parts for older equipment, leading to a scarcity for the part you may need on the open market. That doesn’t mean you need a new machine, but you do need to identify alternative parts sources.

Get more than one opinion

Find a variety of resources that offer opinions on what needs to be replaced. Someone like a good maintenance partner can provide independent and honest counsel to help you determine whether it makes sense to hold onto a piece of equipment or replace it. Also, most hospitals can make an educated decision based on historical repair data. Lots of repairs recently? You’re probably better off replacing the device.

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