This Electric Wheelchair Can Climb Stairs!

Electric wheelchair can climb stairs

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If you’ve seen one wheelchair, you’ve seen them all, right? For the past 100 years or so that may have been true, but a new electric mobility device, designed by a team of students in Europe, may just revolutionize the genre for those with disabilities around the world.

The Scalevo Wheelchair, created by 10 students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Zurich University of the Arts, is an electric-powered wheelchair that operates “sort of like a Segway,” according to an article in the Medical Daily. When the wheelchair is on flat ground, it uses two big wheels for balance, allowing the user to control how it moves by leaning backward or forward.

Additionally, it can swivel in place to change direction and features rubber tracks that look a lot like the treads on a tank. These tracks allow the user to climb standard and spiral staircases, even if they are uneven or cracked.

The chair ascends the stairs backwards and as it climbs each step, a small set of wheels appear to make sure the chair doesn’t tip. The wheelchair arm is also fitted with a small camera that allows users to view what’s behind them.

The team behind the Scalevo hopes the design will eliminate the need for wheelchair ramps and in-home stair lifts, which would lessen the financial burden on caregivers and families who have to install this equipment at their homes.

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