Satellite Phones vs. Cell Phones: What is the Difference?

Rent a Satellite Phone in San DiegoThere are good reasons to rent a satellite phone. Like most folks, I typically use my smartphone for just about everything. Need to look up a recipe? Smartphone. Need to send a text to a friend? Smartphone. Need to call home? Smartphone. Need to post a picture online? Smartphone. Need to send an email to a client? Smartphone. To be honest, I could do most of the tasks I need to complete in any given day using just the device in my pocket. But apparently, smartphones aren’t always the best way to communicate, and if you’re headed off the grid or to a remote location, or one with rugged terrain, a cell phone may be useless..

Satellite phone rentals, which rely on a network of satellites that are either fixed above the Equator or in Low Earth Orbit, can operate in almost any condition – hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, flooding, etc. – making them a great insurance policy to communicate with the world should disaster strike (or if you’re traveling off the grid). So what’s the difference between the two types of phones? We’re glad you asked. Below, we’ve outlined a list of differences, courtesy of satellite phone savvy Forbes Magazine.

  • Antennas: A satellite phone’s antenna is external as opposed to internal, which means they must be extended to function properly (e.g. make and receive calls). Unlike a smartphone, you can’t walk around with a sat-phone in your pocket and expect to receive calls.
  • International phone numbers: Sat-phones usually have special international numbers, although some have U.S. and Canadian numbers assigned. According to the article, most of the companies have Direct Dial Capability, which means that you can get a U.S. number to call, then overdial the actual number assigned to the handset.
  • Calls to this type of phone can be expensive from the public network (up to $10 a minute). If you intend to make calls on your sat-phone, be sure to select a carrier that has Direct Inward Dial, or overdial capabilities.

Satellite Phone Rentals Available Throughout the USA

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Satmodo also offers a simple, online-only shopping experience and 24-hour support before, during, and after your rental or purchase. Additionally, the company offers equipment and service from some of the best names in the industry including Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar. Satmodo’s knowledgeable staff can help you find the right product and the right price.

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