Drone-Freezing Ray Developed by British Firms

A drone-freezing ray has been developed by British firms.

Photo via Blighter Surveillance Systems

Talk of drones is everywhere and it likely won’t be long before they’re dotting the skies. It’s exciting to think about in many ways, but when it comes to our national security, it’s easy to see why this might be a problem. Fortunately, three firms in the UK has already created a system to help solve this issue.

According to a story by the BBC, three British companies – Enterprise Control Systems, Blighter Surveillance Systems, and Chess Dynamics – have developed a device, the Anti-UAV Defense System (Auds), to “deter drones from entering sensitive areas by freezing them in mid-flight.”

So how does it work? First, the Auds uses radar to detect drones flying in a sensitive airspace and then targets the drone visually with a camera equipped with thermal imaging capabilities. Then, a high-powered radio signal is focused on the drone, essentially overriding the connection to whoever is operating it in as little as 25 seconds. The radio signals are sent in the direction of the drone using a directional antenna. According to the article, the Auds operator can then opt to freeze the drone for a short period of time (i.e. to convince the person flying it there is something wrong) or for a longer period, until its battery dies and it crashes.

To date the product has been tested in the UK, United States, and France.

This latest device joins other military grade weapons that are now available to “blast larger UAVs out of the sky.” The U.S. Army recently demonstrated a prototype weapon which fires special projectiles at UAVs to knock them out of the sky. These projectiles are steered on approach to the drone and contain warheads which are detonated when they get close enough to their target.

The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is now receiving around 100 reports per month from pilots who have sighted drones within a five-mile radius of their aircraft, according to article.

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