Small Fall DIY Projects to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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Fall is here, which means Old Man Winter is knocking at the door (please don’t answer it). Before his arrival and all that comes with it – freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and more – you might want to consider spending some time over the next month or so preparing and protecting your home. Below, we’ve shared a list of fall maintenance projects you can do yourself, courtesy of Mr. Home Improvement, Bob Vila.

Check for Peeling Paint: Vila recommends inspecting exterior walls for peeling or blistering paint on the house or outbuildings. This is a sign the paint film is failing and can no longer effectively protect the house.

Clean the Gutters: Vila recommends that after the leaves have fallen, “clean out the gutters and downspouts, flush them with water, inspect joints, and tighten brackets if necessary.” If the gutters are old or damaged, replace them with new ones that feature built-in leaf guards.

Caulk Windows: To prevent heat from escaping around doors and windows, Vila recommends caulking and sealing openings, which is an easy and inexpensive maintenance job.

Inspect the Roof: Vila recommends making sure the roof is in good shape by inspecting for missing and loose shingles. Because it’s the first defense in protecting your home, Vila says it’s important to be proactive with repairs.

Ready the Fireplace: Vila says now is the time to get your heating system check by a licensed contractor and examine your wood stove or fireplace insert’s door gasket for a tight seal.

Seal the Driveway: Vila recommends inspecting the driveway for cracks and to clean out and repair any damage with filler before coating with a commercial sealer.

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