Maintain Your Off-Road Motorcycle With These 5 DIY Tips

Motorbike Maintenance Advice

The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance

As baseball teams pack it in for the fall and winter seasons, off-road and outdoor enthusiasts keep the tires spinning. Off-road dirt bikers hit the wooded trails and ATV riders climb mountain passes during hunting season. Sometimes unforeseen mechanical difficulties can stop the good times. If your ride were to come to an end would you be able to turn a wrench to fix the problem yourself? Below is a list of DIY motorcycle maintenance projects that anyone can do.

  1. Suspension Adjustment – Modern motorbike suspensions are adjustable so that anyone with a screwdriver can alter the ride height. This can add extra load capacity.
  2. Oil Change – Intervals of time between oil changes on a dirt bike are shorter than an automobile. Be sure to change oil regularly–especially if you’re riding in dirty environments.
  3. Tire Pressure – Tire wear patterns and handling on rugged terrain can be drastically altered by low or inaccurate air pressure.
  4. Fuel Filter – Motorcycles need the cleanest fuel possible. When new gas is being poured, a fuel filter should be used. Check the fuel line to make sure everything is connected.
  5. Chain Tension and Cleanliness – If the chain tension is too tight, it could snap. If it’s too loose the chain can jump right off of the sprocket. Both can result in damage and injury. Check manuals to know how to adjust the tension correctly. Prevent damage to the chains O-rings by squirting WD-40 on it. Simple, right?

It would be ideal to keep a small toolkit on your dirt bike in the event that you encounter damage while riding. Sometimes you can fix these issues with a simple turn of a wrench or screwdriver.

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