7 DIY Projects to Take Care Of Around The House This Fall

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Well, the summer season has come and gone and fall has rolled in. Here in Kentucky, temperatures are cooling off and the leaves are already changing. Before we get too deep into the season, however, there are some things you should take care of around the house. Below, we’ve shared a list of these DIY tasks, courtesy of Emma Sturgis for Home Advisor Home Source. Enjoy!

  1. Plants: Change out the plants in your home to reflect a cooler fall environment. Consider pansies and bulbs that bloom in the spring, which use the warmth of the soil from the summer to take deeper roots and gain nutrients over the winter.
  2. Garden: Plant a fall-friendly garden of vitamin-rich vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach, and carrots. These plants are durable and grow quickly, so you can use and eat them in the fall!
  3. Heater: It’s important to fix your heater in the fall, which will save you money and keep your home warm once the temperature drops.
  4. Bugs: Protect your home against bugs and other animals, which are more likely to come into the home in cooler months. She advises homeowners to invest in environmentally-friendly package of repellents now to save on expensive pest control services later in the fall.
  5. Interior Design: Now is the time to embrace interior pieces with warmer colors such as gold-plated hooks and knobs to warm-colored lampshades and curtains.
  6. Garage: Homeowners should clean their garages in the fall. She recommends taking a day to clean the garage to reduce clutter and protect against potential mold and infestations.
  7. Lawn: Prepare your lawn now for cooler weather by turning off automatic sprinklers and watering as needed.

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