Be Prepared For an Earthquake With These Simple DIY Projects

Earthquake Survival TipsWould you be ready if a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit your city tomorrow? That’s exactly the size of the earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015–killing over 9,000 and leaving over $5 billion in damage. Natural disasters of that size can leave a densely populated area devastated for years. You may not be able to help prevent the macro-level damage caused by an earthquake but you may be able to prepare your own home.

There are twelve tectonic plates in the earth’s crust that represent a jigsaw puzzle. These plates move on a regular basis. They’re quite unpredictable, which is scary considering the amount of damage they can do.

The majority of deaths caused by earthquakes are a result of furniture objects falling off walls or ledges and landing on the victim. Below we’ve compiled a list of DIY projects that you can avoid injury or death.

  1. Move Large Furniture – Move tall furniture or shelving away from sofas, beds and other areas that you spend the most time around.
  2. Securing Cabinets – There are small cabinet latches you can install on drawers. These will keep dishes, cutlery and various household items from falling out of your cabinet.
  3. Install Alarms – Smoke alarms can be installed manually. Earthquakes can snap gas/propane pipes and lead to potential fire. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand, as well.
  4. Secure Hanging Pictures – These are usually the first items to fall during an earthquake. Closed hook picture hangers can be installed on the larger wall decor to keep them secure to the wall, as well as quake putty that can be placed on the corners of a mirror or picture frame.
  5. Wall Anchors for Heavy Furniture – Tall, top-heavy furniture such as a chifferobe, storage pantry’s, and dressers can fall and do damage to anyone near them. These items can be secured to the wall with fasteners that anchor to the stud behind the dry-wall.

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