How to Make a Fun (and Cheap!) Corporate Video

Shoot a fun but cheap corporate video

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When you hear the term “corporate video,” what are a few words that come to mind? Boring? Dry? Painful? Expensive? For decades, businesses have produced corporate videos for a variety of reasons. Often times, these videos come with big budgets, lots of edits, and tons of headaches. Fortunately, as technology has improved (and companies have become more resourceful), it’s now possible to shoot and wrap up an engaging video in less time with less money than ever before.

Below, we’ve shared a few tips from Kelly McGillivray for to get you started.

  1. Strategy: McGillivray says that a corporate video should fit into a bigger plan or wider campaign. If your strategy and communication around the video is solid with defined objectives, she says, you’ll be able to focus on the big-picture communications because you won’t need to explain a lot in a small amount of time.

  2. Know your audience: McGillivray says that a high brow corporate video doesn’t work for anyone. Audiences respond to a softer script and creative visual flair, says McGillivray. Therefore, “leave the legal jargon and the specifics of the merger” to printed material or email.

  3. Script and storyboard: McGillivray says that a signed-off script and approved storyboard will save you money and time. You’ll know the shots you need and when to get them, how to efficiently organize the cast and crew, and how the footage interacts with graphics and voice-overs. Additionally, a script and storyboard with help the editor budget correctly and schedule appropriately.

  4. Green screen: McGillivray says that a green screen is “your number one cost saving device when it comes to shooting a corporate video.” Green screens will save you from moving from location to location and allow you to shoot indoors. It also allows you to add a little fun in the form of video, graphics, or stills in the background.

  5. Create a great vibe on-set: Create a great vibe on set, says McGillivray, by using awesome props and wardrobes, great coffee and good catering, and offering plenty of encouragement (and thank yous). Finally, McGillivray says, think about shooting a short spoof video, behind the scenes piece, or blooper reel. You can use this video as part of a thank you package to the client.

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