New Motorola Two-Way Radio Designed with Hunters in Mind

Two-way radios are great for hunters and outdoor lovers

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Two-way radios play an important role in a variety of different industries, including construction, education, healthcare, fire and rescue, law enforcement, manufacturing, and many others. They’re also used by another group of users who spend their time trampling through the woods: hunters.

Seemingly looking to capitalize on this market, Motorola recently launched the TALKABOUT T465 Two-Way Radio, which was recently reviewed by Ammoland. According to the review, the TALKABOUT was “designed with hunters in mind” and is “packed full of features in a resilient, lightweight body.” The two-way radio comes in a “rugged green design for outdoor use” and is an “excellent walkie-talkie for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, emergency situations and canoeing.”

The radio’s iVOX feature acts as a speakerphone, allowing for hands-free communication and the unit features integrated LED lighting for use during emergencies. The review also noted that 11 NOAA weather radio channels with constant weather updates were correct almost every time. Additionally, is was suggested that hunters will love the “VibraCall” feature which functions as a silent alarm system that vibrates when the user receives incoming messages and calls.

The radio boasts an optimal range of operation of up to 35 miles in valleys and mountains and caters to outdoor and recreational use. The T465 was designed with extended battery life capabilities and features dual power sources which can give the user up to 13 hours of usage time. Additionally, the radios also offer flexible charging options and can be charged on a PC or laptop, using the wall adapter, or with standard AA alkaline batteries.

For more information on the TALKABOUT T465 Two-Way Radio, click here.

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