Video Marketing: Rent It Today Launches its YouTube Channel

Believe it or not, YouTube has become the number two search engine onThe World Wide Web. According to comScore in November 2009, 146 million Americans watched videos online, streaming a total of 12.6 billion video clips.  Those are some big numbers which will certainly continue to rise, as gadgets like iphones wind up in the pockets of just about everyone.  People are searching YouTube for anything and everything.  If you are looking for the latest news clip or information on a random topic odds are you can find the broadcast or a short video about it.  From rental property tours and company profiles, to the endless “how to” videos including topics like food recipes and “how to tie a fishing knot”,  you can search and watch it on YouTube.  With this in mind and plans in the works for Rent It Today to launch its video marketing services, we thought it was a good time to officially introduce Rent It Today’s YouTube Channel.

Here are a couple of nice videos, produced by Roger Akers, explaining Rent It Today’s philosophy and background that we used to launch the Rent It Today YouTube Channel:

Why Choose Rent It Today?

How We Got Started.

In 2010 Rent It Today will start producing informative videos featuring our rental categories, along with entertaining and funny videos intended on creating “viral” content to help brand our name.  In addition several video marketing services will become available to individuals and companies that wish to create video content to market their rental inventory.

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One thought on “Video Marketing: Rent It Today Launches its YouTube Channel

  • Christopher Mills

    Video Marketing is an interesting and very effective way to market affiliate products, i have promoted my products over youtube and in some other sites.