Rent It Today Now Accepting Payments Through PayPal

Rent It Today Accepts Remittance Through Pay-Pal



Rent It Today is pleased to announce rental providers can now utilize Paypal to remit for our services.

The partnership between Rent It Today and PayPal is evolving in a business world that requires instant, secured transactions in the form of wireless payments. “It’s one of the most notable and trust worthy payment processing companies in the industry,” said Jason Glass, Rent It Today CEO. “We share similar customer service interests: small businesses and the consumer needing the item,” said Glass.

We Can Boost Your Rental Business With Social Media Marketing Services

Rent It Today can help your business get on the right track with social media services. Rent It Today will assist you in developing a social media strategy tailor-made for your company. By analyzing your market, customer base and services offered, Rent It Today’s Social Media Marketing team will draft the best possible Internet presence to help you cultivate a relationship with the expansive reach of social media.

In addition to social media, Rent It Today provides web development and marketing services for rental businesses both small and large around the globe.

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