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Back to the Future

Children of the 80s and 90s remember when 2015 felt so far away in time that any of the predictions in Back to the Future Pt. II seemed plausible. Well, it’s finally 2015 and surprisingly, many of the futuristic predictions in the film have come to fruition. We don’t travel in flying cars, Nike hasn’t released a self-lacing high-top sneaker and the Jaws film franchise hasn’t made it to its nineteenth installment but we do have some similarities to the film in effect today.

People can use computer screens to order their food in some restaurants (Red Robin, Applebee’s). wireless video games are a real thing (PS4, WiiU, XboxOne), Hollywood has gone crazy with making 3D movies and sequels, tablet computers exist, wall-mounted wide-screen televisions are in homes, and the over-obsession with personal electronics illustrated in the movie is alive and well. The most shocking BTTF prophecy is the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series–a possible outcome as of 9/14/15.

Time Machine Rental

One thing that hasn’t changed since 1985, the year the original Back to the Future film hit the big screen, is the popularity of the Delorean DMC-12. The hunk of stainless steel produced by the ill-fated Delorean Motor Company between 1981-1983 is widely known as the time machine constructed by Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) in the BTTF trilogy.

You can fulfill your childhood fantasies now with the help of Rent The Delorean. RTD provides Delorean rental packages to suit the needs of the customer. No other car on Earth draws a crowd like the Delorean and many people demand the car for a variety of events. Among the many packages offered are the following:

  1. The Marty Package ($274.95)  – Visit Marty McFly’s house in the Delorean. You’ll visit the actual location of the McFly residence with the power-line towers in the background and famous shady-tree street.
  2. Twin Pines Mall Package ($499.95)  – You and your friends can visit the Puente Hills Mall, location of the “Twin Pines Mall” scene from the first film where we see the Delorean hit 88mph for the first time as Marty avoids Libyan terrorists in VW van.
  3. Event Package ($399.95) – Give your party or small event guests access to the iconic Delorean time machine rental. This is for wedding parties or corporate functions.

What to Consider When You Go with Rent The Delorean

As the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Back to the Future franchise approaches on October 21, 2015, now would be a great time to book your Delorean rental before the list grows long and you have to wait until 2016! This could be a great Halloween party entrance as you exit the Delorean dressed as characters from the film.

  • Car is Beyond Film Accurate – Many of the parts purchased to construct this Delorean rental were bought from the same stores film production crews shopped at in Burbank, CA back in the 80s. The car is equipped with all the wires, time-sequence buttons, and Flux Capacitor to give the sense of authenticity.
  • You Can Drive It in Special Circumstances – This car is in demand 24/7. The risk-reward and cost of insurance to allow renters to drive the vehicle is too high, however, if the bride and groom wish to drive away from the wedding ceremony in the car, that could happen.
  • Prices are Reasonable – The specialty car rental market is competitive and Rent The Delorean provides the best price for customers. Refunds are given if you believe the experience isn’t awesome.

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