Going Camping But Don’t Care For It? These Tips Are For You

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Let’s face it: Camping isn’t for everyone. In fact, many people I know would prefer to stay the night at a rundown hotel before ever sleeping on the ground or cramming into a camper. Camping, however, can be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to unplug and get away for a weekend. Plus, it’s cheap.

If you’re not much of a camper – but are open to the idea of enjoying the great outdoors – read the tips below, courtesy of Trent Hamm for TheSimpleDollar.com.

Bathrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms: Hamm says that a toilet, sink, and shower services are often the thing that separates a good camping trip from a bad one. So how do you find a campsite with adequate areas for personal hygiene? Hamm recommends starting with state and national parks and focusing on parks that have a shower house close to destinations you’re visiting and electricity to plug in devices.

Camping after flying: If you’re flying to your destination, Hamm recommends taking the tent with you on your flight. You can repackage it in a large box along with your pillows, bags, pillows, and other camping gear. For the return flight, Hamm says it might be cheaper to ship everything hope via UPS or another shipping service. When you arrive, Hamm recommends purchasing a short-term use Styrofoam cooler and pack items you want to keep cold in it, rather than shipping a cooler.

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