Best Fall Rides in Asheville on the Back of a Motorcycle

Ride Motorcycles on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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I’ve never been to Asheville, North Carolina, but it’s one of those cities that almost always seems to come up in conversations about traveling. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and acres upon acres of lush trees, it is the perfect spot for a short fall getaway, especially if you love taking in the great outdoors.

Although you can just as easily see the sights of Asheville from the passenger seat of a car, nothing compares to the experience of riding through nature on the back of a motorcycle, and that’s especially true in Asheville. Below, we’ve shared a list of top motorcycle drives from Asheville. Safe travels!

Hot Springs Tour: From the city’s visitor center, turn right onto Montford Avenue and then a right onto I-240W. From there, take exit 4A onto Highway 19/23N. Ride 8-10 miles and exit right onto Highway 25/70N toward Marshall. You’ll follow that scenic mountain road for 30 miles to Hot Springs, which is the home of Western North Carolina’s only natural hot springs/baths. Even better? The town is surrounded by the amazing Pisgah National Forest.

Blue Ridge Parkway: From the visitor center, turn right onto Montford, then left on Haywood, then a left onto I-240E. You’ll then take exit 5B and make a right. Turn left on College Street and then left again on Town Mountain Road. This road will take you up into the mountains and intersects with the Blue Ridge Parkway. Once you hit the parkway, make a left and follow it as far as you want. Along the way, you’ll hit the Craggy Gardens (10 mi.) and Mount Mitchell (20 mi.), which is “the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, featuring a panoramic viewing platform at the summit.”

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