Your Home Improvement Plan for the Months Ahead

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When you own a home, the to-do list just never really seems to end. To help you keep organized and to make sure that everything gets taken care of around your home, we’ve shared a month-by-month home improvement plan that originally appeared in Better Homes & Gardens. Below, you will find a list of tasks to tackle each month beginning this September. Enjoy!

September: Get Your Home Ready for Winter – BHG recommends making sure each of the items on the following list are done before Old Man Winter comes knocking. They are: inspect your furnace; plug leaks around windows and doors; plug holes in pipes, vents or electrical conduits; add fiberglass insulation to the attic floor and house walls; wrap your water heater with an insulation blanket; clean gutters and downspouts; and make sure your chimney and venting systems are working properly.

October: Install a Tile Backsplash – BGH recommends that homeowners install a tile back-splash in the kitchen to give the room a stylish focal point. They advise homeowners to choose colors that go with semi-permanent components like cabinets, decide on a design, buy more tile than you think you need, and bringing in a professional if the design is complex.

November: Add Character – BGH says you can define a room’s style by dressing up architectural trim. You can paint all of the trim to create a unified look, replace builder-grade base molding with taller custom-looking base trim, add crown molding for a high-end look, or install a chair rail in the dining room, foyer, or formal living room.

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