Top 9 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Document Scanner

Document Scanning RentalsHave papers, filing folders, and boxes taken over your small business or home office? I know the feeling. Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce clutter, keep you organized, and protect your information. Below, we’ve shared several benefits of using a document scanner, courtesy of Andrew Lenardon for Shred-It.

  1. Frees up space: Eliminate the need for bulky filing cabinets and boxes and scan and save your documents instead.
  2. Saves money: Cut storage costs for file cabinets, folders, space, etc. by using a document scanner.
  3. Supports compliance: When cleaning up files, take the time to make sure your document storage and destruction policies adhere to privacy laws.
  4. Simplifies employees’ jobs: Digital information can be pulled on demand compared to the time spent digging through paper files.
  5. Easier handling of information: It’s easier to access scanned files rather than physically going through paper files.
  6. Better security: Lenardon says that digital archiving is a more secure way of storing, organizing, and sharing documents.
  7. Better overall control: Businesses can keep better track of records by using an archiving program that logs who attempts to access a file.
  8. Business continuity, no matter what: Statistics suggest that 70% of businesses would fail within a few weeks if paper records were lost in a fire, flood, or other disaster.
  9. Preservation: Digital files will last longer than paper.

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