How Everyone Benefits from the Americans with Disabilities Act

Where To Find Wheelchair Ramp Rentals

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You might think the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) only benefits those with some type of impairment or disability, but you’re wrong. In fact, the ADA makes life easier for just about anyone living in the great U.S. of A. In an article for AARP, writer Katherine Bouton outlined those benefits and explains why we should all appreciate the ADA. Below, we’ve summarized a few of her key points.

Wheelchair access: Many people benefit from using wheelchair ramps and the majority of those folks don’t even use a wheelchair to get around. These ramps make things easier for parents pushing strollers, travelers with rolling suitcases, bicyclists, workers with hand trucks and shoppers with groceries.

Doorways: Wider doorways built to accommodate wheelchairs also accommodate parents with double strollers, people with large packages, obese individuals, elder people using a walker or scooter, or couples walking arm in arm.

Signage: LED displays at public transportation stations not only provide light but also up-to-date information that everyone can understand, which is important if you suffer from, say, hearing loss. Additionally, beeps from crosswalk signs and on elevators benefit not only those who may be blind, but also those who may distracted.

Others: Accessible sinks, ATMs, water fountains, ticket machines, and telephone booths not only help those in wheelchairs with physical disabilities, but anyone who is short, including kids.

Where To Find Rental Wheelchair Ramps in the U.S.

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