DIY Projects That Pay for Themselves in No Time

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There are lots of ways to improve your home – some would say that’s a never ending list – but did you know there are several DIY projects homeowners can do that actually pay for themselves? True story. Below, we’ve shared a list of these types of jobs, courtesy of Rosie Romero for The Arizona Republic.

Change lighting fixtures: LED bulbs are more energy efficient and brighter and longer-lasting than incandescents or CFLs. Using just 10 LEDs to replace incandescent ceiling can lights can save homeowners as much as $90 a year depending on the bulb wattage. Additionally, an LED can last up to 25 times longer than a similar incandescent bulb.

Plant a tree to shade your house: According to the National Forest Service, two 25-foot tall trees on the west side of the home and one 25-foot tree on the east side can help owners of a typical energy efficient home in the Southwest $57 a year or 23% of the average bill for air conditioning. Trees on the west side do a great job of blocking the afternoon sun.

Caulk gaps around windows and doors: Caulk around these on your home’s exterior to keep out hot air in summer or cold in winter: Romero recommends polyurethane which is long-lasting, stays flexible, and does not dry out or crack. The cost per window or door is about $5 but the savings in energy costs could be large or small depending on the size of the crack.

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