How to Stay Safe When Cycling Long Distances

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If you’re planning a long road trip on two wheels, it’s important to be prepared. To help make sure you’re ready to ride, we’ve shared a list of tips from the Detroit Free Press for long-distance cycling. Enjoy and stay safe!

Make sure your bike is ready to go. Look over the tires, brakes, and drive train. All should be in good repair.

Know some basic repairs. At the very least, you should know how to put your chain back on should it come off. You should also carry a small bike repair kit, air pump, tube patch kit, and a spare tube that fits your bike while cycling. With that being said, you should also know how to change a flat.

Pump up your tires. Keep your tires inflated to the maximum PSI. You can find this number printed on the side of the tire.

Get a good bike fit. A proper fit makes for a comfortable, more efficient ride while cycling.

Wear padded shorts and gloves. Padded shorts are a lifesaver on long rides and padded gloves can improve your grip over bumpy terrain.

Consider buying clip-in bike shoes and pedals. You can accelerate and climb faster when your shoes are clipped into your pedals.

Don’t try anything new on the day of the ride. Whether it’s clothing, bike changes, or nutrition, don’t experiment with something new on the day of the ride.

Don’t overlap wheels. Don’t let your front wheel overlap with the back wheel of the rider ahead of you while cycling.

Learning the basics of drafting: It’s easier to ride behind another cyclist, so knowing drafting basics can made for a less challenging ride.

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