What You Need to Know Before Going Bike Camping

Photo via bicycletouringpro.com

Photo via bicycletouringpro.com

Sure, there are those to prefer to pull a pop-up camper or ride in style in a RV when heading out to spend the weekend in the great outdoors, but there are others who would rather pedal their way to their camping destination. If this type of camping is for you, it’s important to keep a few things in mind before setting out on this type of adventure. Below, we’ve shared a list of tips for bike camping, courtesy of Guy Still for WCCO-TV. Safe travels!

  1. Make a Plan: Still says that it’s important to take time to plan your route. Have an idea of where you want to go, he says, as well as how many days you have and what sort of mileage you are able and willing to cover. If possible, he recommends planning your route off of highways. He also advises riders not to be too ambitious because you are sure to encounter challenges along the way.
  2. Food and Water: Still says that while planning your route, take note of locations that provide food, water, and restrooms. Amenities can be spaced far apart on rural adventures, so riders need to take advantage of them when possible. He advises riders to top off water bottles and grab stashable calories such as peanut butter packets, canned fish and energy bars. Still says he finds it easier to buy food along the way rather than packing a camping stove and freeze-dried meals but he understands that can be more expensive.
  3. Pack Only What You Need: Still recommends making a list of what you want to pack and then lay it out. Then, start to scrutinize whether you really need each item and want to haul it. If not, scratch it. Once you have what you need, make sure you can load it comfortably on your bike and ride unencumbered. Still says bike racks, panniers, and frame bags are all great ways to store your gear.

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