How to Market Yourself at a Trade Show

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This week, thousands of shop owners, brand representatives, and individuals with a passion and love for men’s fashion will travel to Las Vegas for the industry’s biannual fashion and trade shows. The trade shows are a great opportunity for shop owners to network with showrooms, vendors, and their colleagues. It is also the perfect avenue for brands to showcase new products and make connections with buyers and others in the industry who can help them grow their business.

If you are a small business owner (or heck, a big business) considering attending a trade show, take some time to read through the following tips for marketing yourself from Brandon Cawood for Happy selling!

  1. Plan, Plan, and then Plan Again: Cawood says that one of the most crucial things in anything business related is planning. Cawood recommends using the list of exhibitors in attendance distributed before the show to create your own lists. His first list is based on location. His second is made up of “dream clients” who might be long shots but worth the risk. Then, he advises that you reach out in advance either by phone or email. He also recommends setting up travel and lodging arrangements well in advance to take advantage of perks such as exhibition discounts and free travel to and from the venue.
  2. Create a Memorable Leave Behind: Instead of a business card, Cawood uses an eight-page booklet that serves as a mini-portfolio. You want to make sure what you leave with potential clients or partners is intriguing and informative. The key is to create something memorable, something that may give you some extra face time with the other party. Building rapport is a kep to success at trade shows.

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