Reserve a Vintage Car for a 1-Hour Driving Experience

Imagine Lifestyles Vintage Car Experience

Cars on the market today come equipped with all the technological amenities the modern consumer could ask for. Don’t want to waste time with wrinkled paper maps? A soothing voice from your car speakers will direct you down the quickest path to reach your destination. Hate when you have to walk to your car in the winter to start the car to get it warm? Modern cars can be started from the warmth of your house at the click of a button. What if you just want to jump in, turn the engine over for a quick blast down the highway sans all the smart-technology? Enter Imagine Lifestyles.

Imagine Lifestyles prides itself on being able to meet and exceed the desires of whom they label the “deserving elite”. Serving Miami, New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey, IL provides a variety of luxury rentals that are catered to the customer. No matter if we’re talking about exotic cars, luxury properties, yacht charters or chauffeur services–Imagine Lifestyles can provide the driving experience you’ve only dreamed of.

For $199 per hour, you can reserve a vintage sports car like the Cobra 427 pictured above, for one-hour. You can drive with an Imagine Lifestyles member riding shotgun or you can be passenger. This experience is offered in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Rent a Vintage Car Driving Experience in New Jersey

Imagine Lifestyles houses a large fleet of exotic rental cars at their New Jersey location. Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW, and Ferrari are among the stable of cars you can rent. Visit their New Jersey Luxury Car rental store through Rent It Today.

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